Relational Data Generator offers a convenient way to insert random test data in a relational database.

Using a powerful GUI, you will be able to configure every aspect of the generated data.

Once saved as a project file, the insertion can be triggered again from a command line interface, which makes Relational Data Generator fit easily into a script or a CI/CD pipeline.


  • Works with PostgreSQL, Oracle, MySQL, MariaDB.
  • 50+ predefined generators. Generated values can be tranformed or filtered using built-in functions.
  • Metadata-aware: database metadata such as tables, columns, unique and foreign key constraints are automatically extracted from the database and are used in the data generation process.
  • Team-friendly: The project files are in a simple JSON format which can be shared using a VCS (Version Control System) such as git or SVN.
  • Developer-friendly: when the GUI is not enough, generators can be extended using a scripting language.