Create a generator

Each table that needs to be filled needs to be checked the tables list.

Golden rule: Asmidio RDG never makes changes (insert or delete) to tables that are not checked.

Tables list

For each column from the selected tables, we need to configure the value generator. The value generator is at the core of Asmidio RDG: a function that returns values for the given column.

Column Artist name

A preview of the values that will be generated is displayed in the Preview (Sample output) pane.

For some generators, like First name for instance, the values depend on the project's locale. It can be changed in the project settings page.

Reusable generators

To reuse a generator among several columns, click on the settings (cog) button from in the Column attributes pane > Extract to generator. Then, on the other columns, select the method Reference generator and select the newly created generator.

To see all reusable generators, go to the Generators page (side menu).


By clicking the transforms/filter button, a transformation or filter function can be applied to the generator.

For instance, to convert the generated values to uppercase:


Transformation functions are applied in the order they are created. You can reorder items with the following button: Reorder button

Interleave generators

Generators can be interleaved, i.e the values of the main generator can be interleaved with another.

Click on the Interleave button, select Reference generator in the drop-down list, and select a reusable generator. As a convenience, simple generators that generate constants (NULL, Strings, numbers etc) or reference a variable can be created from the drop-down list. In this case the result is the same as if a reusable generator had been created.

The relative weight of each source can be adjusted, i.e. the probability that this source will be selected for generation. The weight is adjusted with a slider going from 0 to 100. In the screenshot below, the generator has been set a weight of 90 and interleaved with a NULL generator of weight 10, which means 10% of values will be NULL: