The database connections page lists all connections to a database.

To create a connection, fill the Driver, JDBC URL, User and Password fields. For the Driver, you will need to provide a JDBC driver jar file. The JDBC driver is specific to the database vendor, and in some cases to the database version you use. They usually come as a single .jar file.

Most drivers can be downloaded freely from the internet. Asmidio RDG does not come bundled with driver jars, but it knows the download URL to some of them. In this case, as a convencience, you can click on Download driver from internet.

To validate that the driver settings are correct, click on Validate settings.

To create a new project using this connection, click the Connect button.

Connections page

Connections are saved in the connections.json file (in the user's directory), and in each project file. By checking the Save password checkox, the password to the database will be saved in cleartext in both of those files.

Several projects can share a same connection.