Asmidio Relational Data Generator is a tool to help you quickly generate test data for your database.

While production data is often copied and used as test data, there are several reasons not to do so:

  • It may contain personal or sensitive information, which must be anonymized first.
  • For new projects not yet in production, it is obviously not an option.
  • Edges cases may be absent (special characters, unusually large values, etc.).

Relational Data Generator (RDG for short) can also be used for performance testing, where an arbitrarily large number of data is required.

Interesting characteristics include:

  • Fast: RDG can generate 1 million records in seconds.
  • Repeatable: each run will produce the same data again. (It is possible to change this behavior in the project settings page).
  • Convenient: RDG comes with standard generators for common data:
    • First/Last names
    • Addresses, cities, countries
    • Email addresses, phones numbers
    • IP/MAC addresses
    • etc.
  • Easy to use: generators can be entirely configured using the GUI. There are no arcane DSLs, or configuration files to fiddle with.
  • Developer-friendly: once the project has been configured in the GUI, it can be intergrated easily via a Command Line Interface.